I've built quite a lot of projects using all kinds of technologies. Here are some of the bigger ones.

Website V7

Personal website featuring multiple frameworks, apps and paradigms

AstroSvelteTypeScriptOpenLayersVueTailwind Site link Code repo

Chit Chat Champion

AI-powered online party games platform that offers endless replayability and tailored experiences

VueGenerative AIFlaskTailwindJavaScriptUX Design Site link Code repo

Website V6

Personal website featuring quizzes, games and OpenLayers integration for showcasing hikes

ReactJavaScriptOpenLayersTailwind Site link Code repo

Builder Pal

AI-powered project recommender for kids

ReactGenerative AIJavaScriptUX Design Site link Code repo

Edu Mate

Address book that facilitates scheduling meetups with friends based on location and availability

JavaPlantUMLSoftware EngineeringSoftware TestingJUnitDocumentation Code repo

Malls Card Game

Statistics-driven card game centered around the malls of Singapore

Data ScienceSeleniumPandasPythonGoAngularTypeScript Code repo

Note Together

Note-sharing platform that incorporates Reddit and GitHub-like features

JavaScriptVueExpressMongoDBPostman Code repo

Website V0

Personal website focused on showcasing the puzzles I've created

Website V1

Personal website focused on creating modals, navigation tools and aesthetic animations

Website V2

Personal website focused on neatly hiding away content behind dropdowns

Website V3

Personal website focused on CSS selectors and a static sidemenu

HTMLCSSJavaScriptPHP Site link Code repo

Website V4

Personal website featuring improved search functionality and more vibrant color scheme

HTMLCSSJavaScriptPHP Site link Code repo

Website V5

Personal website featuring React SPA and a notes renderer

ReactJavaScriptBootstrapHTMLCSS Site link Code repo